Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca is located in a privileged position 2km inland. The wonderful Ciutadella of Menorca is a family area where the white and typically Menorcan villas and the relaxed family atmosphere contribute to the much appreciated area for the permanent residents around the Ciutadella.

In Cala Blanca you can find all services such as car rental and public transport to visit other areas or beaches on the island.

Cala Blanca, as the name suggests has a beach of fine white sand facing West so it is very protected from waves and is perfect for swimming. It also has sunbeds and sombreros especially for families with children. Next to this beach you can also find several fine restaurants serving tapas and typical Menorcan cuisine.

Cala Blanca still retains some of the vegetation of the dunes at the back of the beach and is a perfect cove to shade from the sun.

Soul & Dreams Cala Blanca is considered an ideal investment for its proximity to the Ciutadella and is much appreciated by both locals and visitors, as well as for the existing services (supermarkets, restaurants...)

In Cala Blanca we can find houses with 1-3 bedroom villas with pool or not, depending on your investment budget.

Check the pricing and estimated returns with us.

  • 1 hab
  • Purchase 1 bedroom property:
    Approximate price of 100,000 euros.
    Get an estimated profitability:
    Approximately 8,000 euros per year.


  • 2 hab
  • Purchase property 2 rooms:
    Approximate price between 150,000 and 175,000 euros.
    Get an estimated profitability:
    Approximate profitability 10,000 euros per year.


  • 3 hab
  • Purchase property 3 rooms:
    Get an estimated profitability:


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