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The island of Menorca is considered by many as the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. Its beaches and turquoise waters are reminiscent of the Caribbean and its good climate, quality of life and the friendliness of its people is well known.
This makes it an ideal place for you to build your business targeting the peak season tourism. Every major town of the island is full with a hotel occupancy at 98% in August and the overflowing Ciutadella of Menorca during the Sant Joan festivities in the month of June.

Building your business on the island of Menorca not only allows you to live on this paradise island but also to enjoy your work by getting a high return on your investment.

Ciutadella of Menorca is the most widely recognized of the island globally. It was the capital of the island until the British rule and today it is a pleasure for visitors to stroll through the beautiful old town with its narrow streets of stone, illuminated by the brightness of its villas and the glow of the stone manor houses. There you are invited to experience other-worldly sensations and centuries. Soul & Dreams advises and helps in creating the Urban Hotel in the beautiful town of Citadel of Menorca.


Most of the streets are pedestrianised in the centre of the Ciutadella. This offers visitors an ideal place to stroll and shop and is where Soul & Dreams will find the ideal location for Urban Hotel. It will be the hangout for tourists not only during the summer season but throughout the year.

Streets Ciutadella Old Town


    • First, Soul & Dreams advises and searches for the property that best suits your requirements of your URBAN HOTEL. in Ciutadella of Menorca.


    • After the search, Soul & Dreams will deliver a proposal that includes several properties that are perfectly suited by characteristics to your required URBAN HOTEL.in terms of location and budget. We will show you properties that have been previously studied and could be modified to fit your investment project or business so they fulfill the necessary conditions. URBAN HOTEL.has permits and licenses.


Ciutadella Old Town

Ciutadella Map Old Town
    • Soul & Dreams cares for and can provide legal services for your investment at any time by lawyers registered in Spain who are knowledgeable about the law of the islands. They have studied the law pertaining to purchasing the chosen property and will prepare the notarial deed, the name and tax registration of the sale.
      Also our lawyers will advise and inform you if you want to use URBAN HOTEL. for corporal purposes and will assist with the registration thereof in the relevant commercial registers.


    • Soul & Dreams also offers the preparation and presentation of a Business Plan that includes:
      • Ideas for business development URBAN HOTEL..
      • A budget of expenses that this entails and an estimated its revenue forecast.


    • Soul & Dreams offers you adequate implementation to develop and reform your business proposals with URBAN HOTEL.The detailed work will be carried out to your business budget.
    • And finally, if desired, Soul & Dreams will also be responsible for the coordination and monitoring of all the works to be carried out on your property with our industrial partners until the completion and delivery of your property ready to start your business.


    • And after the inauguration and once your business is started, we will be there at your disposal for any questions or assistance you may require.


ciutadella Old Town

People walking to Plaça des Born
Ciutadella natural harbour, next to old town

Example of URBAN HOTEL in Citadel Old Town :

Urban Hotel 5 rooms:

Buying property:
Between 200,000 and 250,000 euros

Spending Reform:
Between 50,000 and 60,000 euros

Between 60,000 and 70,000 euros a year.

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