• First, after receiving his order with the investment budget stated, Soul & Dreams will search and select the property that can fit into your investment idea. The houses will be carefully selected and will be located in strategic places where calm and both you and your customers can enjoy the island.
  • After the search, Soul & Dreams 2-3 presents properties that fit perfectly into the desired investment, both in terms of capacity of housing as the indicated budget.

    The properties that you introduce will have been studied carefully to fit your idea of ​​investment and they have the permits and licenses for the destination you want to give.

  • Soul & Dreams supports and advises legally your investment at any time by lawyers registered in Spain and knowledgeable about the law of the islands, who studied legally purchasing the chosen property and will prepare the notarial deed, the registration in your name registration and settlement the taxes on this sale.
  • Soul & Dreams I also provides the ability to develop and coordinate the reform -if be precisely your home to suit what you desire.
  • And finally, if desired, Soul & Dreams also it will be responsible for the coordination and management of your property to use it to holiday rental and obtain the profitable benefits provided by this concept.